"Just 2 more weeks. I can finally have that vacation that I wanted."

Team Dark: Better than everyone since 2003.



"Man, you spelled ‘Babylon Rogues’ all sorts of wrong! No wonder you GUN idiots can’t ever seem to stop me!"


"MORE LIKE TEAM SONIC.. Team Dark and Babylon Rogues got nothin’ on us……….Well…………..I take that back Knuckles struggles a bit and Tails is a bit of a lil’ girl in some situations……………………………… Ok let me restate this."


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You still haven’t changed a bit, Nic.

PSA for Sonic RP and other link communities Prt. 2


I’m still having a bad vibe on sirnsro1234 even if it’s not Nic since he’s has the creepy likeness like him. BUT a blog and anon told me that Nic does have another blog called a-blog-about-something

The blog has the similar blog theme as the Nic-23fl and so far harassing a few of my followers like petting and asking the mun their age.

Anonymous asked:
((Umm, question, would you happen to be The--Black--Blur on DeviantART? just wondering >.>))

This guy? I don’t rp on dA, only on here. And I’m not into sonicxshadow :/ A lot of people thought I was theblackblur7 last year.

6bowserjr asked:
((Yo! Hi there dude! I'm Zach. Glad to meet ya! I'm not a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan myself, but I'd love to RP since Shadow is one of my favorite Sonic characters. And you're a nice RPer. But before I send a starter or anything like that, can you please explain to me what sirnsro1234 has been up to? Because I really didn't understand your previous post about him. Thank you!!!))

This is the madness that he has caused last summer

And sure ^^ , I don’t mind a rp from you. I’ll be off and on since I have another blog to work on.



((Do NOT go to sirnsro1234’s page. He will have your current location tracked via a bug on his page. I also have reason to believe that he is someone that we all remember too well, someone that we wished had left and stayed off of tumblr.))