Hiatus Notice


I’ve been thinking about going on a 2-3 week hiatus.

The whole roleplaying community is a mess. I can barely reply to any of my messages. I get this sick feeling whenever I want to roleplay. And I’m suffering from roleplay block.

A few weeks ago I said something to a ‘friend’ and sort of hurt their feelings. I apologies and told her I didn’t meant it that way since I had bad history with the OC. She never replied back, she and her friend unfollowed me. I’ve seen her all over my dashboard talking up a storm and enjoying their time. I know one friend told me to ignore it, but it irritates me that she didn’t accept my apology.

I want to work on my comic. Like I said, I’ve been working on it for years but everything else distracted me and now I want to work on it. I will draw fan art now and then, but I prefer my own ideas than something that’s already copyright.

I’m more worried about school. Not because of grades. Graduation is coming up and getting ready for college sounds pretty damn scary and hard. What’s worse that move in day is on my birthday.

Like anyone would care, but I’m hanging on my personal blog. I’ll see you guys later.

Skype sweep day, meaning the people who barely talks to me on their is being removed. Go in my ask or skype if you want to stay.

Reaction / Action Images from Sonic Universe #62


Posting these under ‘Read More’ so no one can accuse of Spoiling anything. BETTER SAFE THEN sorR Y

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okay but stop whatever you’re doing right now and let me explain to u a thing

in this episode I shall be talking about shadow and mama rouge and why are they so important

first of all, this:



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Anonymous asked:
did you finally found your damn 4th chaos emerald?

"This is 2014, not 2005. And of course I did! I fought Black Doom with all 7 Chaos Emeralds to go sayian- I mean Super."

I’m barely on this blog because that damn post I’ve made is still active and gaining notes